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Our Vision
We believe that the above message from Holy Scriptures is as alive today and we can live our lives filled with love and desire for God, knowing that He loved us first.

So our vision is to see multitudes of precious souls coming into the real relationship with Christ, to see lives changed by the grace of God and bring the Saviour's message LIVE to you.

We have to admit that the desire to worship God with music is taking the big part in the creation of this site. Because it is so exciting to praise Him! He IS TRULLY worthy, but also because He inhabits our praise, in other words, whenever we praise Jesus, Holy Spirit comes and leads us into His presence. And do you know what is it to be in the presence of the Holy One, Almighty Creator? Isn't it exciting?

We know from our experience, that Christian music can bring positive change into our lives. That's why we'd like you to enjoy it always.

Top 5  

All God's Children Delirious
I Will Go Starfield
Healing Rain Michael W Smith
Hallelujah Steven Curtis Chapman
Por Escrito Jaci Velasquez
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